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City of Vladivostok, the capital of Primorsky Region, is located at the southeastern part of Russian Far East on Golden Horn bay (Japanese sea). Vladivostok is major industrial, transport, scientific and cultural center and biggest ocean port of  Russia on the coast of Pacific Ocean.

Vladivostok provides all major ways of transportation. It is the terminus of Trans-Siberian Railroad the longest railroad in the world, and the most extended air-route of Russia. The modern international airport is approximately 40 km from the city. Vladivostok has wide network of hotels, museums, theatres and concert halls.

Our neighbour countries are Chinese People’s Republic, Japan, South Korea and Korean national democratic republic. It is possible to arrive to Vladivostok through Seoul, Busan (South Korea), Toyama, Niigata, Osaka (Japan), Harbin, Dalian, Beijin, Mudanjiang (China). Consulates and embassies of USA, Japan, South Korea, Canada, Australia, Vietnam are located in Vladivostok. Visa support is carried out through Moscow or Vladivostok.

Please send letters to given address, fax 007 4232 362700, E-mail:,

Primorye Branch of the Russian Badminton Federation, 100 years of Vladivostok av. 7, 690024, Vladivostok, Russia, phone/fax 007 4232 362700, E-mail:,

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